Ice Skating

resorts rent skates and helmets, which are mandatory in many jurisdictions that
you can wear to get started. When your kids start bugging you to go to the rink
every day, then you can start looking for good used skates.

As with all
sports, choosing the right equipment is important.

In order to
be able to skate, it is essential to be equipped with quality ice skates. They
must be adapted to the use and to your level.

It’s as
obvious as putting on a swimsuit to go to the swimming pool, but to skate, you
need skates! The best thing to do, if it is an occasional leisure activity, is
to rent them (ice rinks all offer this service). As in hiking, foot comfort is
essential if you want to be able to concentrate on something else, such as your
sliding for example.

Also bear
in mind that the skate is not a ski boot: it is worn over thin socks and must
be well laced and well adjusted. Your toes must touch the toe and your heel
must not come off the sole.

the equipment, even if skating is a sport that is practiced in the cold, do not
dress too warmly as you risk sweating. Wear appropriate clothing that is loose
fitting, allows you freedom of movement and does not become too heavy when wet.
Avoid jeans, which are too rigid, and prefer leggings.

You can
wear a cap, but we can’t really recommend that you use a helmet. The same goes
for knee pads. And finally, don’t overlook gloves: in case of a fall, you’ll be
happy to have your hands protected and warm.

If you’ve
never skated or rollerbladed before, you’ll need a little patience to get on
your ice skates. Don’t be in too much of a hurry, take your time by slowly
familiarizing yourself with the concept, stand at the edge, then let go and
take tiny steps. Just remember one thing: always bend at the knees and lean
forward slightly. Gradually, you’ll be able to feel how to place your body
weight to stay balanced and in motion. Pay attention to how you feel.

skating, a kitschy sport? Not at all! In fact, it comes in 4 very different
disciplines: figure skating, for fans of jumps, ice dancing, with its lifts and
throws, for reckless couples, speed skating, for adrenaline junkies and ice
hockey for those who swear by team sports.